Spring Garden Farms Inc.
1585 Main Street
Birdsboro, PA 19508



lowers were sold at the family butcher shop, H.M. Smith Meats, on the corner of Second and Oley streets in Reading beginning in the 1920s.

Spring Garden Farm Nurseries was established in 1957  by Henry C. and Josephine Smith.

The 30 acres in Birdsboro was purchased in 1962.

Originally, the greenhouses were located along the Schuylkill River on Old River Road in Birdsboro, but the Hurricane Agnes flood wiped out the greenhouses in 1972.

The greenhouses and office were rebuilt along Route 724 in Birdsboro and Spring Garden Farms Incorporated debuted in 1976.

Currently, there are 11 greenhouses and the business operates year round.

The business is now owned and operated by Raymond S. Smith, a son of Henry C. and Josephine Smith.

The late Henry C. Smith, who founded Spring Garden Farm Nurseries in Birdsboro, shows a customer some of the offerings.

Spring Garden Farms once had a fleet of trucks.

Raymond S. Smith, current owner of Spring Garden Farms Inc., waters the many varieties of poinsettias available in the winter.


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